Additional Inspections

Pre-Sale Home Inspection:  This is a full home inspection contracted by the seller of the home, rather than the buyer.  The rationale is that I will bring to your attention any deficiencies in your property prior to you placing your home on the market. This gives you the opportunity to rectify any problems and ensure that your home shows better than all the others on the market.  As well, because I am an impartial third-party, you can offer your house for sale pre-inspected and present the home with no surprises for the buyer.

Warranty Inspection: The Government of Alberta requires new home builders to warranty the houses they build as-follows (quote taken from

"At minimum, your new home's warranty covers 1 year for labour and materials, 2 years for delivery and distribution systems, 5 years for building envelope protection, and 10 years for major structural components."

New home owners will likely create a list of defects for the contractor to repair under the warranty coverage.  Unfortunately, some defects may not be obvious to the untrained eye.  With my training and specialized equipment I can ensure that your list of corrections is truly complete before you present it to the contractor.  You can then relax in knowing that potential problems were addressed by the original contractor before they devolved into costly future repairs that you would have to pay for after the warranty period ends!