Mission Statement

There's a lot of commonality between home inspectors, while at the same time they come to the profession through varied paths.  Many have the same home inspection training, some have specific construction experience, and others may have been "grandfathered in" when mandatory licensing came into effect in Alberta.  Regardless, if they aren't extremely diligent, detailed, and conscientious, you may be disappointed in the quality of the inspection and the inspection report that you purchased.

I believe I'm a cut above the typical home inspector.  I've heard stories of home buyers being frustrated and angry that the home inspector they hired missed things, both big and little.  I don't believe in doing a job half way, skipping over details, and missing defects that end up being major problems down the road.  It's in my nature to be extra attentive and thorough, and if you honour me by permitting me to inspect your home I guarantee that I will apply the same rigorous attention to detail and thorough effort as if it were my own home.

Derek Walker, P.Eng.