Home Inspections

Furnace panels are removed and the various components are inspected.

Vent piping must be sloped back towards the furnace to drain condensate.

As a potential purchaser of a home, you need to know what condition the home is in before you commit to the purchase.  I will perform an inspection of all systems and features of the home you are considering and will author and provide a detailed report, usually within 24 hours of the inspection.  All home inspections include interior and exterior infrared scanning as necessary, with thermal images included in the inspection report as needed for explanation and clarity. The inspection itself lasts around 3 hours; less for small houses or condominiums, more for larger houses or older houses (50 years or more).

You are welcome to accompany me as I progress through the inspection, so that you can see firsthand any concerns that I note.  During the time that I am on site I am at your service and will patiently and respectfully explain any issues with the understanding that you simply want to know and deserve an answer.  Your realtor may wish I was faster. The seller's realtor may wish I was less thorough. Realtor's wishes don't concern me, only your satisfaction does!

Your finished report can be read directly from the secure cloud storage website, downloaded from cloud storage in PDF format,  emailed to you as a PDF file or, for a small fee, be printed in full colour  and provided to you as a hard copy.

I will inspect the following systems, features, and elements, when visible and accessible:

  • Grounds / site drainage / vegetation issues

  • Sidewalks / driveways / patios

  • Exterior cladding and structure (including decks, patios, porches, windows and doors)

  • Roof covering / penetrations / flashings / chimney(s)

  • Roof drainage system (gutters and downspouts)

  • Garage / carport

  • Basement / crawlspace

  • Structure / foundation

  • Heating / cooling systems

  • Electrical system

  • Plumbing system

  • Interior surfaces and finishes (including doors and windows)

  • Major appliances

  • Fireplace / wood stove